Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Miss the Last Day of KidSummer!!!

Today's Parent KidSummer is wrapping up for the 2009 year. Please join us today at Chingacousy Park for the closing event.


Event Description
Family fun is just around the corner! Meet Mini-Moo and the Cock-a-doodle-doo crew, play in the play-structures, enjoy paddle-boats, mini golf and get soaked in the splash pad! If you just want to relax, stop and smell the flowers in Chinguacousy’s beautiful arboretum. For more information call 905-458-6555.

Dates and Times
Sunday, August 31 @ 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All Ages – great for everyone.

9050 Bramelea Rd., Brampton

Ticket Prices and Information
Admission to the park is free.
Tickets for Pony Rides, Splash Pad and Fair extra.

Groups and Daycares
Groups of 10 or more are always welcome!

Parking free
Brampton transit
Go Transit

Additional Event Information
Today's Parent and their team of sponsors will be setup near the splash pad.

For more information, please visit the event's official website:

A Note From Anne

Hello KidSummer Group:

Here we are already with the Canadian Exhibition well under way, which usually tells the summer has come to an end. Children and parents will be getting their children ready for back to school.

The group put together an exciting, educational, fun program again this summer. The young people that worked at the indivual events did a great job. It was much appreciated how they were very pleasant, caring and talked to the children, which was nice to see .

As grandparents, we are sometimes at a loss as to how to occupy the grandchildren when we have them during the summer. However with the exceptional good work and variety of programs the group had put together, it certainly helped us out enormously . We must also say that we grandparents had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you for all your hard work and organization in putting a fantastic program of events. We know that it is not done overnight. It is certainly much appreciated by us.

We wish you well during the year and look forward to attending the events next summer.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Anne Burak and family

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20: BURUNDI DRUMMERS @ Earl Bales Park

August 20, 2009
5:30pm - 8:00pm

Family Fun Nights are back! Have a blast with fabulous, fun, free games and crafts then take in a show at the Barry Zukerman amphitheatre. Ah…summer evenings in the park.

KidSummer deal: FREE for everyone! Barry Zukerman Amphitheatre – Earl Bales Park, Toronto

Note: if weather is poor, all events will be held inside the community centre in the park!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre; August 10, 2009

Written by Anne Burak

The "Elgin" Theatre - Mon. Aug. 10/09

They were heavy doors to open, as the kids pulled on the "brass" handles - unlike the "automatic" doors at the "Cineplex" theatres. There was no popcorn, pizza, nachos etc. --just a HUGE dark area before we went into the first theatre . We were only about 12 people in the 11 A.M. group.

The people there, from the Historical" group were very patient and caring towards the children and tried to explain things to their level.

There seemed to have been "trillion, billion" stairs to climb to the next "Winter Garden" theatre. Luckily, we were able to take the elevator down ... down .. down to the basement.

The Historial staff had everything set up to allow the children a "hands on" experience of how the walls were actually washed (with rolled dough) ...YES, .. real dough. Now, we will just hope the kids don't try this at home to get their rooms ready for back to school. HAHA

After all this, the kids had their pictures taken, treats, AND went home with a "loot bag" --even the adults!
Thank you Kidsummer staff for a wonderful time. The kids loved it and are anxious to go to the next event.

Thanks, Anne Burak

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Earl Bales Park Event Cancelled

The Earl Bales Park event on August 6th has been cancelled.

The park events will resume on August 20th.

Delta Chelsea - July 28, 2009

Event : Delta Chelsea
Date : 07/28/09

By Pat Tan-Sew

Ah … Delta Chelsea … This event is very educational & jam packed with FUN, FUN, FUN & more FUN for the kids & parents too.

Most importantly, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Delta Chelsea’s Ms Galit and her staff members who so kindly hosted this memorable event.

We were greeted by our wonderful Today’s Parent Kidsummer Team Leader Kate & Members.

Our fun filled day began with making Pizzas for our lunch. Here’s our Executive Chef organizing our pizza making...

And these are the attendees diligently handcrafting their own pizzas...

...and of course, our individually handcrafted pizza by each attendee. They all taste so good at lunch.

Next, we visited the Delta Chelsea Hotel Laundry Room Facility. Wow …was it ever huge … Loads & loads of towels, bedsheets, uniforms, pillow cases to be washed, pressed & folded ready for the hotel guests & employees. The guide informed lots of interesting stuff to us, our knowledge level sure expanded.

Gigantic washers

Gigantic Dryers

Our adventure continued to touring the Family Fun Zone Area.

Kids get to enjoy all the facilities in this area

And now, the pool area …. Where we got a chance to have some fun in the latter afternoon …. They have a waterslide, large jacuzzi, swimming pool & saunas.

Yeppa … there’s more to this fun filled day … Hang on to your excitement as we are now going on a Toronto city tour …. Wow … this is unbelievable a knowledge building day about Toronto City…
We boarded the bus & our bus tour guide, Tony informed us of the many Toronto City famous sightseeing venues and associated general knowledge.

All of us had very healthy lunch comprising of our personal pizza, an apple, triple chocolate cookie and a juice box.

We then got off at Queen’s Quay for some free time.

Now in anticipation for our next adventure chapter ….. Toronto Islands Boat Tour. Are we ready ?

We had 2 Captains on the boat tour informing us more of Toronto Islands knowledge zone

CN Tower

Following the 1hr Toronto Islands Boat Tour, our bus driver & tour guide, Tony drove us back to Delta Chelsea.

The day ended with more fun for both kids & parents at the waterslide and swimming pool area.

Each kid had a very nice surprise from Delta Chelsea, educational toys loot bag to bring home.

Thank you for a very EXCITING & EDUCATIONAL day to both Kidsummer and Delta Chelsea for organizing this event.

- Pat Tan-Sew

Thursday, July 30, 2009

KidSummer @ Pizza Pizza - A Huge Success!!

Wow!! Everyone, young or old, should experience making a pizza at Pizza Pizza - after all, I personally don't know of anyone who doesn't like to eat pizza (it is basically bread and cheese - yum!). The experience of getting your own hands into the dough: kneading it, trying to toss it (like in the movies), and making your own personalized pizza... well, there is nothing like it! The best part, of course, was eating our creations. Flour, sauce, cheese and pepperoni, may have gotten all over the kids, besides on the floor, but fun was had by all. It is good for the children to see how the pizza is prepared before it arrives at their home in a box. Ths staff were simply fantastic! Under the leadership of Ben Campoli, director of training at Pizza Pizza University, the staff were patient, enthusiastic and helpful with all participants (children as well as parents!). It was a pleasant surprise to find out that everyone, inlcuding the adults, were to experience making their own pizza and taking it home.

Thanks Kidsummer!

Anne Burak